VI B - Ms. Arunibha

Dear Parents
Heartening to inform you that the School is organising a visit to international film festival for class 6 to witness movie at Siri Fort Auditorium on 11-12-19 between 9:00 to 11:00 am.
Kindly ensure your ward comes in proper School uniform with I card and carries extra lunch box and water bottle .School bag with books from 5th period onwards need to be brought.


Science- Revise ch- 6 and 8 for revision. Bring science test n.b as well.

Science- Revise ch-6 for revision test on Monday. Kindly bring science lab manual and test n.b for assessment.

Science- To nurture the values of CHARITY AND BENEVOLENCE  all students are supposed to donate a humble gift/ a usable article/sweets/eatables or any other utility item to an underprivileged in or around their house. *Students should* click pictures of this act of kindness and bring it by tom. and inspire many others to illuminate the light of hope in this world.

English- Do back ex. of ch-Adverb.                
S.sc - Complete the cover page of l-4 history         
Science - Revise L- 4 from. book.

Science- Revise L-4 

Science- Do part A in rough nb.

Science - Read ch-12 and do Back exercise in book.
Eng - Write poem on topic - 'Friends'.

English- make the cover page  of  l-5 .                                Computer-review  the L-2  for test

Eng- Do pg 39 of English grammar
Hindi - Bring grammar book
S.sc - Learn full syllabus for test tomorrow.         
Maths-  Do remaining parts of question 2 ,3.

Sanskrit - Bring holiday Homework tomorrow
Science - Revise Ch-4 and do back ex of ch-4 in book.
S.sc - Revise ch-1 of geography for test tomorrow

S.sc - Learn L -1 (civics) for  test and bring map tom.              Maths- Do the remaimimg parts Q2,3,4,5 of ex-3.3 in pc.            Science - Do the back ex of L-4.

SCIENCE - Learn Ch-3 for oral test on Tuesday.
MATHS- Practice Ch-2 for test on Tuesday. 
SOCIAL SCIENCE- Learn L-2 for test on Wednesday. Also bring holidays homework on Monday. 
ENGLISH- Read L-3 of M.C.B
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