VI C - Ms. Urvashi

Dear Parents
Heartening to inform you that the School is organising a visit to international film festival for class 6 to witness movie at Siri Fort Auditorium on 11-12-19 between 9:00 to 11:00 am.
Kindly ensure your ward comes in proper School uniform with I card and carries extra lunch box and water bottle .School bag with books from 5th period onwards need to be brought.


Science- Revise ch- 6 and 8 for revision. Bring science test n.b as well.

Science- Revise ch-6 for revision test on Monday. Kindly bring science lab manual and test n.b for assessment.
Eng- Prepare L-7 to 9 and message writing  for test on Monday.

G.K.- Do L-14 and 15
Geo- Prepare L-5 for test tom.
Eng - Read Ch-6 of Novel thoroughly and write answers in rough. 
French- Revise L-6 and 7
Note- It is working tomorrow with the time table of Wednesday.

Civics- Prepare your topics for presentation according to your roll no. for tom.
Eng- Complete exercise of active passive and letter writing.

Eng- Read L-6 and 7 of Novel.
Civics- Read Ch-5 and make cover page.

Eng- Read pg-82 and do pg-83. Write and post an informal letter to your friend.
History- Read L-6
French- Complete work of L-7
Books- Eng Gr., S.S.

English Lit.- Prepare L-9 and message writing for test on Saturday.
Geo.- Read and prepare L-6 for Quiz.

English- Do Q-3 in notebook of pg-51
Geo.- Do book exercise of L-6

Eng- Complete conjunctions in book and bring CR notebook daily. Bring Grammar Book Tom.
Geography- Read L-6 and bring Atlas book.
HIndi- Read L-12 and make the cover page.
Comp- Read L-4
Sci- Read pg-135 and 136 of Ch-14
Maths- Complete Maths Plus.
French- Read Ch-7

Science- To nurture the values of CHARITY AND BENEVOLENCE  all students are supposed to donate a humble gift/ a usable article/sweets/eatables or any other utility item to an underprivileged in or around their house. *Students should* click pictures of this act of kindness and bring it by tom. and inspire many others to illuminate the light of hope in this world.

Eng Gr.- Do Q1,2 and 4 of message writing in book.
S.Sc.- Read and make notes of pg-41 to 43
Maths- Revise cw
Sci- Read Ch-8 and make cover page.
Note- Bring the given material for tomorrow LBB Day.

Eng- Prepare  for integrated Grammar , Story Writing and novel.
Civics- Complete the pending work and prepare for revision.
Hindi- Complete the notebook for checking tom.
Maths- Practise Ch-6 for test.
Note- Download and practice the first three worksheets of Social Science uploaded in the worksheet section.
Note- GK answer sheets have been given today. Kindly sign and return tomorrow positively.

Eng Lit.- Prepare L-1 to 3 for revision
HIndi- Learn L-1 to 4 of Lit. and complete the Hindi Gr. book pages.
Science-Revise Ch-12 for test on Wednesday.
History- Prepare L-1 and 2 for revision
Maths- Revise Integers and Geometry for revision on wednesday.
Note- Bring Sci lab mannual.

Sci- Revision of Ch-4 on Monday.
HIndi- Learn Ch-7 and 8.Bring project on Monday.
Geo- Prepare L-2 and 3 for test on Monday.
Maths- Revise Integers and Fraction for revision.
French- Do table of agreement of adjectives .

GK- Prepare the given pages for revision on Friday.
Eng CB- Do word world and language ladder of Ch-5 and 6 in book.
Civics-Revise L-2 for test tom. and bring test notebook tom.
HIndi- Revise Ch-6
Maths- Revise playing numbers for test on friday.
Science- Prepare Ch-7 for test tom.and draw diagramof Solar and Lunar Eclipse
Books- Science book, Eng MCB, GK Book
Note- Tomorrow dispersal will be at 1:00 pm.

Eng- Read ch-4 and 5 of novel. Bring book tom.
GK- Complete exercise of Ch-1 to 7 and pg-36. Bring book tom. 
Science- Revise Ch-7
Maths- Revise whole number including maths plus.

Eng CB- Read pg-50, 51 and do pg-52. Bring Novel tomorrow.
Geography- Do back exercise of Ch-4
Sci- Read Ch-13 
Note- Bring GK book tom.

Eng Gr.- Complete tenses exercise till page 61.
Geography- Read L-4 and bring 1 physical map of India.
Maths-Do remaining parts of Q3 to 9 in PC of ex-7.3
Science- Do the back exercise of L-7
Maths- Do Q 1 to 5 in book of ex-7.4
French- Do Q2,6,7 in book of L-4 and table of L-5 in nb.

History- Find out ans of part-B of L-4
English- Practise Past tense.Complete the book exercise.

English- Practise Present Tense
Civics- Do the assignment and Project work on pg-20 and make cover page of L-4 of History.
Hindi-Make cover page of L-6
Science- Complete your notebook work.
Maths- Do remaining parts of ex-6.2 in PC

English- Mark different types of adverbs on an article of newspaper and paste it in NB.
Civics- Read L-3 for Quiz.
Science- Read L-5
Maths- Do Q1 and 2 in book of ex-6.1 and revise the introduction of integers.

Civics- Read L-3 and do book exercise.
Eng- Do pages 29 and 30.
Art- Bring 5 blue sheets, 3 green sheets and 1 yellow A4 size sheets tom. Fevicol and Scissors also.

Eng- Practise parts of speech in CR.
Civics- Make fig-3.2 and QB in NB of L-3
Sci-Read L-5 and bring book tom.
Maths- Bring complete n.b. tom.
French- Paste passport size photograph in nb and write counting 21 to 100 in french. Do pg-37
Note- Art Activity (LBB Day ). Brinf following material tom.
1. 2 complete newspapers 2. Scissors 3. Cellotape 4. Fevicol  5. Cardboard / CD  6. Waste pasting material 7. Bottle of 1 or 2 ltr.

Science- Revise L-4 
Maths- Bring maths plus and do Q9,10,11 in PC and all examples of unit 3. Do level-1 of pg-13 in PC.
Eng-Mark adverbs on any article from the newspaper and paste in nb.
Geo- Draw diagrams of L-3 in nb and do QA in book.
Note- Wear tricolour bands and bring roses tom.

Geo- Make the fig-3.4 in nb.
French- Prepare for the UT exam on Monday.

Eng Gr.- Practise first 3 types of adverbs.
Geo- Do Q-A of L-3 in book.
Maths- Practise Q-12,13,14 of pg-65 and 66 in PC.
Science- Do part A in rough nb.
GK- Do L-7 

English Gr.- Do pages 25 and 26
Geo- Do Q-B1 and B2 and draw the diagrams in nb.
Maths- Do the remaining parts of Q1 & 2 in PC of ex-3.6.
Hindi-Make cover page of L-7

Eng Gr- Read pages-21&22 and do pages-23 & 24
Geo- Read L-3
Sci- Read L-12 and do back exercise.
Maths- Do Q6 of ex-3.5 in PC

Eng- Create your own poem using personification and oxymoron.
Geo- Read L-3 

S.S- Prepare for UT on Monday.

SCIENCE - Learn Ch-3 for oral test on Tuesday.