VI D - Ms. Cheena Manchanda

Dear Parents
Heartening to inform you that the School is organising a visit to international film festival for class 6 to witness movie at Siri Fort Auditorium on 11-12-19 between 9:00 to 11:00 am.
Kindly ensure your ward comes in proper School uniform with I card and carries extra lunch box and water bottle .School bag with books from 5th period onwards need to be brought.


Science- Revise ch- 6 and 8 for revision. Bring science test n.b as well.

Science- Revise ch-6 for revision test on Monday. Kindly bring science lab manual and test n.b for assessment.

Science- To nurture the values of CHARITY AND BENEVOLENCE  all students are supposed to donate a humble gift/ a usable article/sweets/eatables or any other utility item to an underprivileged in or around their house. *Students should* click pictures of this act of kindness and bring it by tom. and inspire many others to illuminate the light of hope in this world.

All the Best for the Exams !
Bring School Almanac during Exam Days.

Eng- Prepare  for integrated Grammar , Story Writing and novel.
Civics- Complete the pending work and prepare for revision.
Hindi- Complete the notebook for checking tom.
Maths- Practise Ch-6 for test.
Note- Download and practice the first three worksheets of Social Science uploaded in the worksheet section.
Note- GK answer sheets have been given today. Kindly sign and return tomorrow positively.

Eng Lit.- Prepare L-1 to 3 for revision
HIndi- Learn L-1 to 4 of Lit. and complete the Hindi Gr. book pages.
Science-Revise Ch-12 for test on Wednesday.
History- Prepare L-1 and 2 for revision
Maths- Revise Integers and Geometry for revision on wednesday.
Note- Bring Sci lab mannual.

Sci- Revision of Ch-4 on Monday.
HIndi- Learn Ch-7 and 8.Bring project on Monday.
Geo- Prepare L-2 and 3 for test on Monday.
Maths- Revise Integers and Fraction for revision.
French- Do table of agreement of adjectives .

GK- Prepare the given pages for revision on Friday.
Eng CB- Do word world and language ladder of Ch-5 and 6 in book.
Civics-Revise L-2 for test tom. and bring test notebook tom.
HIndi- Revise Ch-6
Maths- Revise playing numbers for test on friday.
Science- Prepare Ch-7 for test tom.and draw diagramof Solar and Lunar Eclipse
Books- Science book, Eng MCB, GK Book
Note- Tomorrow dispersal will be at 1:00 pm.

Eng- Read ch-4 and 5 of novel. Bring book tom.
GK- Complete exercise of Ch-1 to 7 and pg-36. Bring book tom. 
Science- Revise Ch-7
Maths- Revise whole number including maths plus.

Eng CB- Read pg-50, 51 and do pg-52. Bring Novel tomorrow.
Geography- Do back exercise of Ch-4
Sci- Read Ch-13 
Note- Bring GK book tom.

Eng Gr.- Complete tenses exercise till page 61.
Geography- Read L-4 and bring 1 physical map of India.
Maths-Do remaining parts of Q3 to 9 in PC of ex-7.3
Science- Do the back exercise of L-7
Maths- Do Q 1 to 5 in book of ex-7.4
French- Do Q2,6,7 in book of L-4 and table of L-5 in nb.

History- Find out ans of part-B of L-4
English- Practise Past tense.Complete the book exercise.

English- Practise Present Tense
Civics- Do the assignment and Project work on pg-20 and make cover page of L-4 of History.
Hindi-Make cover page of L-6
Science- Complete your notebook work.
Maths- Do remaining parts of ex-6.2 in PC

English- Mark different types of adverbs on an article of newspaper and paste it in NB.
Civics- Read L-3 for Quiz.
Science- Read L-5
Maths- Do Q1 and 2 in book of ex-6.1 and revise the introduction of integers.

Civics- Read L-3 and do book exercise.
Eng- Do pages 29 and 30.
Art- Bring 5 blue sheets, 3 green sheets and 1 yellow A4 size sheets tom. Fevicol and Scissors also.

Eng- Practise parts of speech in CR.
Civics- Make fig-3.2 and QB in NB of L-3
Sci-Read L-5 and bring book tom.
Maths- Bring complete n.b. tom.
French- Paste passport size photograph in nb and write counting 21 to 100 in french. Do pg-37
Note- Art Activity (LBB Day ). Brinf following material tom.
1. 2 complete newspapers 2. Scissors 3. Cellotape 4. Fevicol  5. Cardboard / CD  6. Waste pasting material 7. Bottle of 1 or 2 ltr.

Science - Revise L- 4 from book.
S.sc - Complete the cover page of l-4 history      

Science- Revise L-4 

Science- Do part A in rough nb.

SCIENCE - Learn Ch-3 for oral test on Tuesday.
Feb 14, 2019, 11:06 PM